Frequently Asked Questions

How can I customize my tickets?

You need to choose a ticket format and scratch-off area from those offered on the homepage. Once you've selected a model you like, you can either design it online or offline if you have drawing software.

To design your ticket online, simply choose an existing template or start from a blank template in the desired category, then click "click here to design your ticket." You can then design your card by adding all the text and photos/logos/images of your choice. Afterward, list the different variations of hidden messages and the quantity of each desired variation.

To design your ticket offline, scroll to the bottom of the page of the desired template and click "Download the template." You will then be able to draw your ticket offline using this template as a guide. In addition to indicating the safe and bleed areas of the template, it also shows where the scratch-off area is located to ensure your graphics are perfectly suited to this template. Once your front or front/back visuals are completed, you can upload them on the dedicated link of this template page, and a file check will be automatically performed with you. After this step is validated, you only need to list your hidden message variations in the next step.

Will my ticket be exactly like the model I generated through the configurator?

Yes, for files created offline on your own and validated during the upload check. For tickets drawn using the online configurator, we can make very subtle adjustments to ensure the best visual result. In the case of significant retouching, nothing will be done without your approval, so rest assured!

What kind of edits does Scratcher make after ordering?

In the case of tickets designed using the online configurator, common operations often include slight repositioning of elements to respect bleed and safe areas (constraints due to cutting on our end), image cutouts (especially logos), and the correct arrangement of content.

What can be customized on the cards?

You only need to choose a ticket format (width x height) and scratch-off area from the available options. For the rest, you can customize everything: the front/back visuals and variations of hidden messages.

Can I create multiple ticket variations?

Yes, you can list different variations of hidden messages at no extra cost. Currently, you can list up to 5 variations under the scratch-off area per ticket version. If you need more, give us a call!

What is the minimum order?

Printing requires various machine setups, which necessitate a minimum order of 200 cards for most models.

What are the delivery times?

Once your order is validated and paid, it takes 7 business days to be delivered for orders up to 10,000 tickets. We keep you informed throughout the ticket delivery process.

What is the delivery method?

Your orders are delivered in France by default via Colissimo or Chronopost, or they are palletized for larger volumes.

What's on the back?

By default, if you don't want a back print, it will remain blank white paper.

Need more information?

Don't hesitate to contact us by phone at or by email!

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