Scratch Card: Win Movie Tickets!

Scratch Card: Win Movie Tickets!

August 10, 2020

Make your customers win movie sessions with the scratch card

The scratch card is a fantastic way to allow your customers to win prizes while offering a playful and easily distributable medium. Thus, when you want to offer movie tickets to your customers, using scratch cards will be ideal! But how to organize your game, and how to create your scratch cards? Answers!

Organizing the distribution of scratch cards

The scratch card is a very good way to make your customers win movie tickets, but it is still necessary to organize this operation well. Indeed, it will be possible to create scratch cards via our online platform and then distribute your scratch cards to your customers, but several decisions will have to be made before that. Indeed, it will first be necessary to decide what the objective of this operation is: loyalty to your customers, making your offer known, gaining notoriety, etc. Many decisions will be made based on this, such as the method of distributing the cards, the establishment of a possible partnership for the release of a film, how to communicate about the operation, etc. For example, if you want to reach a family audience already a customer of your brand, you will prefer distribution during a purchase and on the occasion of the release of a children's film, for example. To reach new people, distribution can be done during an event such as a fair, an evening, or a sports meeting, and you can offer movie tickets for a family-friendly film or, indeed, let the winner choose which movie to use the ticket for. For this operation to be a success, it is therefore necessary to take into account different important criteria before considering the creation of the scratch card.

How to create a scratch card?

To create your scratch card, you will have the choice between different templates. You just have to choose the scratch card that meets your needs, and you can then customize it. You can choose the text to be inscribed but also the background image. We have several images with different colors, including a background on the theme of cinema. But you can also upload your own image for an even more personalized result (which will allow you, for example, to add your logo to the image). You will also have the option to choose the number of cards desired by defining the number of winning cards and the number of losing cards. Once the front is chosen, you can also customize the back. When you have finished creating your scratch card, you can then place your order. We will take care of the manufacturing and also deliver your scratch cards to the desired address. Once they are received, you can start their distribution. Your customers can then scratch their card and find out if it is a winner or loser. In case of a winning card, remember to note on it how the customer can retrieve their movie tickets (online, on the internet, by mail, etc.). Finally, if the experience is a success and you run out of cards, you can totally place a new order to continue their distribution to your customers or repeat the operation some time later to give your customers the opportunity to win movie tickets again.

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