Scratch Tickets for an Attractive Commercial Animation

Scratch Tickets for an Attractive Commercial Animation

November 8, 2020

Stand out during a commercial animation with scratch tickets

When you organize a commercial animation, it's usually to promote a new product or to make your company known to new people and thus enrich your customer portfolio. The problem, whether you're in a commercial area, on the street, or at a trade show, is that you have to attract the attention of passersby. It's not always easy because either you have to stand out from other stands as in a trade show, or you have to convince in a few seconds that you're not offering something lengthy or boring to people who are on their way to a store or a restaurant if you're on the street.

The advantage of scratch tickets during a commercial animation is that it directly attracts the public. The ticket involves a game, which is already attractive, but above all, a gain! Even before knowing what they can win, people will generally come by themselves to get a ticket to try their luck. Moreover, if you distribute them on the street, they won't be thrown in the first passing trash can because curiosity will prompt passersby to find out if they've won something.

The advantage of customization

Being able to customize the scratch tickets you want to distribute during a commercial animation is a real asset, firstly because it brings a certain credibility to your company. Secondly, it allows you to advertise your company. Indeed, imagine that someone passes by in the street and picks up a ticket during your commercial animation. They can scratch it and then keep the ticket to collect their winnings later, or even put it in their wallet to scratch it later. During this time, this person has a ticket with your company's colors on them. Not to mention that if they win something, even just a discount, they will most likely tell their friends so that they too can benefit from a discount.

In an era where savings are at the heart of everyone's concerns, this is exactly the kind of 'good deal' that consumers like to share. Finally, thanks to customization, you can decide what you want to give away. Discounts, products, services, it's up to you to decide based on your budget and possibilities. For customized tickets, expect an average of fifty cents per ticket depending on the design.

How to attract the attention of passersby during a commercial animation?

We mentioned earlier that attracting the attention of potential buyers during a commercial animation is essential, but it's not an easy task. Studies have shown that what works best is games. Regardless of the type of game, we all want to try our luck to win a nice gift. The ideal in this type of commercial animation is to distribute scratch tickets highlighting one or more big prizes that are desirable, such as a dinner at a restaurant or a product sold by your company that conveys prestige. Thus, you'll hardly have to approach passersby since they will come to you on their own to try their luck.

To attract attention, it's also important to give a good impression of your company: if you're participating in a trade show, choose a quality booth in the company's colors. If you're on the street, don't hesitate to wear a T-shirt also in the company's colors so that potential customers spot you directly. Be cheerful and friendly without being too insistent; good mood is contagious, and people are more likely to approach a joyful person than someone who seems bored. Don't hesitate to distribute other goodies like balloons, for example, which are inexpensive and catch the eye, especially that of children.

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