Scratch Cards Special Olympics 2020!

Scratch Cards Special Olympics 2020!

March 10, 2020

Offer prizes for the 2020 Olympics with scratch cards

The 2020 Olympics are fast approaching as they will take place this summer in Tokyo. A great opportunity for many businesses to be present at such an event and reach an audience from around the world. Therefore, knowing how to stand out to present your offer or product will be more than necessary if you want to attract passersby and fans who have come to cheer on their favorite athletes. For this, using scratch cards is a great playful idea that can be easily implemented!

Scratch cards version Olympics 2020

As a reminder, we offer a whole range of customizable scratch cards that allow you to choose the design, the style of the proposed game, the number of winning tickets in the same batch, in short, everything can be chosen in advance, and we then take care of creating your custom scratch cards to meet your expectations. For the 2020 Olympics, you can absolutely opt for a sports design featuring this global event to be completely in theme. You can also choose to support the French by offering red, white, and blue scratch cards to conquer the French target if that's the one you're targeting. The chosen scratch cards can of course present your logo and will allow you to create animation around your brand or product by offering prizes through this playful game that is always very appreciated.

Depending on your brand and positioning, you could, for example, offer prizes such as tickets to certain competitions or events organized as part of the Olympic Games. But you could also offer prizes related to the city of Tokyo since the clientele will already be on site (free meal in a restaurant, access to an exhibition, free entry for an activity, etc.). Finally, it will also be possible to give away, through the scratch cards, items that you may have created specifically for the event. However, be careful, don't forget that the majority of people present at the location if you offer this in Tokyo have likely taken a plane to come. If you make a giant plush toy one of your prizes, there is a good chance that it will stay in Tokyo after the Olympic Games.

Take advantage of the opportunity to assert your online presence

Scratch cards are a great opportunity to offer a playful attraction that will directly impact people on site, but you can totally extend the impact of your event on the web. Indeed, everyone likes to see people win a game, which is why social networks will be useful for communicating what you are offering in Tokyo or elsewhere to your entire community. This type of communication will have a very positive effect on your brand image and will also be a great opportunity to create new content to promote your offer and your product. Scratch cards can be a very interesting starting point for a more comprehensive communication campaign that allows you to enhance your online presence and therefore your brand image, which will have consequences in the longer term without having to spend crazy amounts to create a buzz.

Accessible, scratch cards are therefore a very good idea for entertainment to offer in the context of the Olympic Games, whether you are in Tokyo or in France!

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