Back to School: Use Scratch Cards to Energize Your Team

Back to School: Use Scratch Cards to Energize Your Team

October 11, 2021

Why Use Scratch Cards?

Scratch games, most often in the form of scratch tickets, are highly appreciated by the general public. If you're looking to energize your team and facilitate the return to the office for the back-to-school season, scratch cards could be a great option. Organizing a team-building activity around scratch games will undoubtedly create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to start the new year. This will allow the entire team to come together, share, and create connections. The adrenaline and euphoria generated by games of chance and the jackpot at stake provide players with a sense of well-being that promotes good group dynamics.

How to Set Up This Team Activity?

Implementing a team-building activity around scratch games is not common in a business setting and may deter some collaborators or managers. Therefore, it is important to announce it in advance to prepare the team for this activity and explain your approach. You can organize a day or a week of team challenge. The goal is to create a friendly competitive spirit and energize the team by putting collaborators in competition with each other. For example, you could set challenges to be met throughout the week, with the chance to win a scratch card for those who successfully complete their mission. In addition to scratch card winnings, you could offer additional prizes to further enhance team emulation.

What Are the Different Types of Scratch Cards?

Scratch cards do not necessarily involve a cash prize. There are many types of scratch cards on the market, and some companies sell customizable scratch tickets. You can choose the prize you want to offer to participants. If you opt for this option, don't forget to refer to your company's industry in the prizes you propose to win, to strengthen the corporate culture and add a corporate dimension to your activity. Here is a list of some game formats you can choose to energize your team:

  • Scratch Games
  • Draw Games
  • Customizable Scratch Cards

You can buy a set of scratch cards that includes a winning ticket among other losing tickets, or opt for 100% winning tickets to avoid disappointments in the team. In this case, you will likely need to order custom scratch cards to put up prizes of varying value. Offer inexpensive prizes, such as goodies or vouchers for visiting a place, to stay within your budget for this activity while pleasing all participants!

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