Scratch Cards as Christmas Gifts

Scratch Cards as Christmas Gifts

December 20, 2019

Prepare Your Christmas Business Strategies with Scratch Cards

At Christmas, purchases intensify. Indeed, during this period, everyone is looking for gifts to give to their loved ones. On the business side, merchants do not hesitate to testify that December is one of the best months, during which they see their turnover increase significantly. Being creative allows you to get even more customers and, in particular, encourage people to make more purchases. Christmas is the time to seize the opportunity to develop new business strategies. Scratch cards are an excellent solution to retain customers and attract new ones.

Scratch Cards: A Solution to Retain Customers

Gifts appeal to everyone. By offering scratch cards with surprises to your customers, you arouse their curiosity and make them want to return to your store. This method can make a difference with the competition.

The principle of these cards remains simple. It is similar to gambling games, except that customers will get the card once a certain amount of purchases is reached (like a reward). The idea of receiving this small, original, and very practical bonus will capture the attention of your customers.

Scratch cards always maintain that little mysterious side that tickles the minds of customers. Why not use this logic as a Christmas business strategy? Some, lacking ideas for gifts, will certainly be interested in scratch cards as presents. They will appreciate this element of surprise that will amuse their loved ones. Therefore, you must take care of the appearance of your scratch cards by choosing an attractive shape and a beautiful print that recalls the spirit of Christmas and the end-of-year celebrations. The scratch cards as a gift idea will benefit your customers and can also serve as gifts for them to give, encouraging them to buy in your store.

Anticipate and Prepare Gifts in Advance

As Christmas approaches, both online and offline stores are overwhelmed. It would be wise to prepare the gifts to include in scratch cards well in advance to avoid last-minute problems. It is indeed important to ensure that you have as many gifts as items and products to sell for the holidays. To avoid being caught off guard, consider an increase in sales during this time of year. Stores start preparing gifts months or days in advance to avoid running out of gifts. The mere announcement of the existence of scratch cards as gifts for Christmas purchases will trigger a rush of buyers. It will be very easy to lose control if you are not prepared.

Start by making a list of all your resources and choose items that are not likely to lead you to a loss. Always keep in mind that the gifts will be free, and it is possible that the value of some of them is equal to or greater than the items you will sell. It is advisable to set in advance the batch to be awarded for a certain amount of purchases made. You can also set a minimum purchase amount to be eligible for the scratch card.

Define a Game Context

Depending on the resources at your disposal, you can limit yourself to a specific budget for the prizes to be distributed in the scratch cards. Personalize them according to the image of your store or under the theme of Christmas, for example. To organize yourself well, set a deadline for the validity of the card or on the related conditions. If you want to reward all customers who invest in your store, then choose small prizes. On the other hand, if those who will benefit from the offer are specifically selected customers or others who meet certain conditions, you can include prizes with more value.

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