Scratch Card: How to Use It to Build Customer Loyalty?

Scratch Card: How to Use It to Build Customer Loyalty?

March 3, 2022

Customizable scratch card as a tool for marketing loyalty, why does it work?

It was in the 1980s that scratch games arrived in France, and since then, public interest has never diminished. The success is such that scratch games are now integrated into the marketing strategies of most companies. Thus, when a company wants to carry out a promotional campaign, scratch cards can be used to attract new customers as well as to retain existing ones. Why does this strategy yield such relevant results?

The scratch card: a significant asset

To endure over time, companies and brands must take care of their community, and to achieve this, they must place the customer at the heart of all their strategies. To be loyal to the company, the customer must feel valued by the company they patronize.

There are, of course, many ways to achieve this, and the scratch card can easily be considered a very effective tool. Today, there is no shortage of organizations that integrate scratch games into their actions.

Why does the customizable scratch card work so well to build customer loyalty and attract prospects? There are several reasons for this. With this tool, customers and prospects are not just spectators of an event: they are participants and actively engage in the fun.

The scratch card is also appealing because there is nothing simpler to play; the simple lure of winning is enough to generate interest and enthusiasm. Of course, the latter also depends on the prizes at stake. The scratch card works, but it must be part of a thoughtful approach so that prospects can be converted into customers, and customers can be retained.

Why use a customizable scratch card?

Are you planning a promotional campaign for your business or company? The scratch card has several strings to its bow. As easy to understand as it is to play, the scratch card is also an animation that is very cost-effective. It is possible to generate excitement, curiosity, and even a bit of suspense at a low cost. Winning gifts while having a good time: who wouldn't like that?

At the same time, the organizing company boosts its visibility, converts prospects, retains customers, and also increases its turnover.

You've understood: there are plenty of good reasons that make the scratch card an excellent marketing tool.

How does it help build customer loyalty?

Beyond the generated enthusiasm and the lure of gain, why does the scratch card work so well to build customer loyalty? During a marketing action, by offering a customizable scratch card in the colors of the company, customers, and prospects get to know the company better.

The scratch game is free. Where a prospect might not have turned around usually, their curiosity is piqued. Moreover, what if it were their lucky day? There is nothing to lose, except a few seconds to scratch a ticket. That's, in a few words, the thought process triggered by this type of animation.

Moreover, if the ticket is a winner, then the person who benefits from an advantage with the store or company will take even more time (and pleasure) to discover the brand, the store's departments, and even the store's website. It always feels good to be a winner!

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