Scratch Card: How to Build Customer Loyalty?

Scratch Card: How to Build Customer Loyalty?

November 12, 2019

When you have a business, you spend a lot of time trying to find new customers. There are many very effective solutions for this. However, it would be a shame to neglect a very important aspect of a business's survival, which is the loyalty of existing customers. Occasionally, it can be interesting to find ways to thank them, for example, by offering them the chance to win prizes. In addition to the playful aspect of these promotional activities, customers also feel valued. And what if the scratch card game was a great idea?

Why is it important to build customer loyalty?

You have customers, but you spend a lot of time looking for new ones? That's perfectly normal. But every good merchant must know that nothing is ever guaranteed, and your customers could very well decide, from one day to the next, to find satisfaction with your competitor for one reason or another. Customer loyalty is therefore at least as important as prospecting for new customers. Several solutions can help you, like the scratch card game, for example.

Organizing promotional activities is indeed a good way to improve the loyalty of your customers. It's a fact: if you pamper your customers, they will reciprocate! So, don't skimp on the means. Giving gifts to your clientele is undoubtedly a very good way to thank them. Scratch cards, lotteries, and other raffles have something very playful about them.

Why choose the scratch card game?

There are certainly many ways to build loyalty, but contests have something very attractive about them, as it is possible to win something. For the operation to be a success, however, it is necessary to choose the gifts carefully. They don't necessarily have to cost too much for your business, but they must nevertheless generate some interest among your customers.

The choice of the scratch card game is not insignificant, and it has several advantages, such as customization. The advantage of this medium is that it is entirely customizable, from integrating the logo to the number of scratch-off areas... Everything is possible! Moreover, your customers have the possibility to scratch right away and thus know immediately whether they have won or not. The playful aspect of the scratch card game is undeniable. Additionally, it allows you to stand out from the competition in a very original way.

When and how to use the scratch card game?

If scratch cards are an excellent way to build customer loyalty, it is essential that they are not used haphazardly. For example, if you implement this process regularly, it will clearly no longer have the same impact. A good idea may be to implement this promotional activity for the launch of a new product or for the anniversary of your business, for example. The occasion must, in any case, be special to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

This makes even more sense in the context of the launch of a new product since the product in question can then be won. This allows, at the same time, the winning customers to promote this product, as they will inevitably talk about it. As for the customers who have not won, their interest in the product in question may have increased a bit.

Another period that can be conducive to the use of scratch cards is during sales. We know that, at this time, customers flock much more than usual, and businesses often record a significant number of visits. Implementing promotional action via scratch card game when you have a lot of visits can then make perfect sense. Sales are already a good way to attract customers, so, if you also organize a game, you have every chance of making a big impact.

How to organize?

Of course, organizing such a contest with a scratch card game requires a minimum of organization. For the success of your event, it will be necessary, beforehand, to define the context of the game and its duration.

As we mentioned earlier, the choice of prizes to be won is just as important. If you want to reward many customers, it is better to choose small prizes. But if you want to make a statement with a trip or a car, your organization will naturally be different.

Once you are ready, don't hesitate to "tease" your event in advance so that your customers know when they can participate and get a scratch card. If you decide to start without having informed your clientele, you might miss out on some opportunities.

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