Scratch Card: Make Your Promotion a Success at the Tour de France

Scratch Card: Make Your Promotion a Success at the Tour de France

July 20, 2019

Consider the Scratch Card for a Unique Commercial Promotion during the Tour de France

Do you own a business or a retail company, and you want to take advantage of the Tour de France to boost your sales? Why not consider implementing a commercial promotion focused on scratch cards? Simple to use and economically accessible, the scratch card is indeed a very effective solution, especially since it allows for several animation ideas capable of increasing traffic in your premises. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Scratch Card and Commercial Promotion: A Winning Combination?

Although a commercial promotion or action can take on various forms and characters, its primary purpose remains the same: mobilize a large number of customers and prospects to highlight a product, service, or brand. The ultimate goal, in the long run, is to increase your visibility and, by extension, the turnover of your business. Regardless of the various variations it can take, one tool strongly contributes to the success of a commercial action: the scratch card, preferably personalized!

How Does the Scratch Card Contribute to the Success of a Commercial Action?

The success of the scratch card is mainly explained by its positive impact on the clientele. The use of such a tool helps to valorize the clientele in a certain way: the scratch card can be used to organize several games to liven up your commercial promotion during an annual event like the Tour de France. With these distractions designed exclusively to amuse the audience, customers, prospects, and even casual observers feel directly involved in the life and activities of your company!

Organizing a playful event with the scratch card as a catalyst makes perfect sense, especially since the different games offered can allow people present at your sales site to leave with interesting prizes (discount vouchers, promo codes, or others). Games centered around the scratch card generate joy and allow participants to feel at the center of attention; a feeling that, evidently, is pleasing to everyone!

The enthusiasm generated among the public justifies the effectiveness of the scratch card in commercial actions. Everyone comes hoping to pick a scratch card that will allow them to leave with a small gift. This, in turn, creates a spirit of play that increases interest in your business, rapidly boosts attendance at the point of sale, and, by extension, boosts the turnover of your company.

But that's not all: by deciding to implement a commercial promotion focused on scratch cards, you generate a positive feeling in your customer base, allowing you to better retain them. Because, until proven otherwise, a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. That said, it's one thing to know the importance of the scratch card in the success of a commercial action, and another thing to know how to use it to take full advantage of a major event like the Tour de France!

How to Maximize the Benefits of an Animation Focused on Scratch Cards?

To make the most of the effective tool that is the scratch card, it is important that the implementation of the animation in your retail center be strategic. This implies that a number of parameters must be studied beforehand. If the choice of the occasion to use the scratch card is not a problem (Tour de France), you still need to decide on the right place to set up your commercial action!

In this regard, keep in mind that for events of this kind, a fairly open and sufficiently large space is generally needed, capable of accommodating a large number of people. Another way to take advantage of the scratch card for your commercial animation is to diversify the rewards that will be up for grabs. This trick will help you involve participants even more.

Furthermore, don't forget to personalize your scratch card. It is a good way to ensure visibility for your business and increase its reputation, and good customization will only help you in this regard. Several possibilities can be considered in this context. One of the most common is to include the logo of your company on each scratch card. The presence of the logo will allow participants to identify and remember your brand or company more easily!

On the scratch cards, it is also recommended to mention the contact details of your company, to allow anyone interested in your products and/or services to easily reach you. Moreover, you are required to include on each scratch card the rules of the game, as well as a photo and a brief description of the various prizes that can be won, in accordance with the regulations in force!

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