Attract New Customers with Scratch Tickets

Attract New Customers with Scratch Tickets

October 6, 2020

Introducing Scratch Tickets in Your Advertising Campaigns

These days, many companies aiming to promote a product through an advertising campaign are numerous and all seek to be as inventive as possible. Indeed, many consumers are tired of traditional advertisements, and it takes extra originality to capture their attention and get them interested in the product or service you're trying to promote. What attracts the public the most are games.

Both fun and entertaining, games attract many consumers who quickly get involved and want to try to win a prize. In France, scratch tickets are very popular and generate sales figures of over fifteen million euros per year. Indeed, seen as a fun way to win something, these customizable small cards appeal to a large number of people, from all social backgrounds. So why not use scratch tickets in your next advertising campaign to arouse the curiosity of potential customers and thus expand your clientele while also retaining the one you already have?

Personalize Your Tickets

Do you want to use scratch tickets in an advertising campaign but don't know how to go about it? It's very simpleโ€”on our site, you'll find different ticket formats including one or more scratch zones. You can choose between square or round scratch zones according to the design that best suits your desires and brand. Next, you can decide to personalize your cards directly online by choosing colors, backgrounds, and text. We are also available by phone to assist you in this process and offer a whole range of ready-to-use templates if you want to order them quickly without wasting time trying several designs.

Under the scratch zone, you can insert as many winning possibilities or messages as you want, there are no restrictions. Once you are satisfied with the result, all you have to do is place an order, and it will be delivered to you in seven working days. Each scratch ticket order must be a minimum of two hundred tickets, however, with unit costs ranging from 0.35 euros to 1.04 euros, you can organize the advertising campaign you want without breaking the bank. Unit prices are then subject to volume discounts.

When to Use Them?

Scratch tickets always attract consumers who are curious and want to try their luck to win something. But how can you use them to retain your clientele while attracting new customers? For example, you can hide discounts on your products behind the scratchable areas, with or without a minimum amount. By distributing them in shopping centers or on busy city streets, you will introduce your business to a large number of people.

The advantage of scratch tickets compared to simple flyers is that the people you give them to will rarely rush to throw them in the first bin they encounter since they will want to see if they have won something. By giving them a discount to use in your store, you will undoubtedly pique their curiosity and generate sales. Another possibility for an advertising campaign using scratch tickets is to distribute them at each checkout, adjusting the number of tickets given to the consumer's purchase amount. With this method, you increase the average basket price and can also give more to people who already have a loyalty account to reward them and encourage them to come backโ€”they will undoubtedly appreciate this attention.

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