Organizing an effective promotional event for the holidays

Organizing an effective promotional event for the holidays

January 4, 2021

Organizing an effective promotional event for the holidays

Launching a new product, sales, or simply desiring to attract a new customer base, there are numerous opportunities to implement a promotional event. However, if there is indeed a time of the year when all conditions are met for a successful commercial operation, it is the holiday season. Indeed, even though online sales are taking up more and more space during gift purchases, buyers continue to flock to stores every year from the end of November. Organizing a promotional event at Christmas is an excellent idea because it will encourage consumers to do their gift shopping in your store. Whether in the form of a contest, meeting with Santa Claus, or distributing scratch-off tickets, for example, a promotional operation with the theme of the holiday season will always have its little effect and will allow you to expand your customer database. Why opt for the holiday season? What type of event to set up? Here are some ideas to get you started with confidence!

Why organize a promotional event at Christmas?

When you set up a promotional event in your store, the goal is generally to introduce your brand to people who do not know it yet, and therefore, to expand your range of customers. By organizing a promotional event at Christmas, the results are inevitably more significant because this action will reach more people. Take the example of a clothing store that distributes scratch-off tickets with discounts on store items, to be used before December 24th. The person who won the discount coupon will probably use it to buy a gift for one of their loved ones. Then, the person who receives the gift will unwrap it in front of their family or friends. Throughout this process, the name of your store will be known to the person who won the discount coupon, to the one who receives the gift, and also to their entourage. Thanks to a simple scratch-off ticket, you will have succeeded in reaching a significant number of potential customers. This does not mean that you should not implement commercial operations during the rest of the year, but simply that doing so during the holidays is often more commercially interesting.

What type of event to set up?

There are many possibilities when it comes to organizing a promotional event, but those that work best are generally those where there is a possibility of winning something, even minimal. Think about it: we all like to win a raffle or a contest, even if the prize is not extraordinary, satisfaction is present. If you decide to organize a promotional event at Christmas, the ideal is, of course, to stick to the theme of the holiday season and rely on the magic that surrounds this time of year. Depending on the type of products you sell, you can opt for an event with a meeting with Santa Claus, for example, either for children or in a quirky and humorous way with a Santa Claus for adults or parents who also want to convey their wish list! To engage the buying process, you can distribute personalized scratch-off tickets featuring your company's logo, for example, by giving them a chance to win a prize or a discount coupon. Similarly, consider taking advantage of this type of event to reward your loyal customers, for example, by offering an extra chance to win to holders of the loyalty card. In summary, whatever you want to set up, focus on the best way to make people who do not know your brand want to discover it during their Christmas shopping.

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