Custom Scratch Card: What are the Benefits?

Custom Scratch Card: What are the Benefits?

March 10, 2020

Why Award Prizes Through Custom Scratch Cards?

The custom scratch card is an extremely popular communication tool for many companies because it provides numerous advantages. This gaming system allows not only to attract a new clientele but also to improve its brand image, promote its offerings, and establish a presence at a location or event in a different and cost-effective way. Therefore, opting for custom scratch cards is very interesting.

An Object in Its Own Image

As the name suggests, the custom scratch card is an object that can be completely personalized. It will fully resemble what the brand wants to communicate. The choice of colors, design, the placement of the logo, or even the type of game offered can be chosen to create a custom scratch card that meets expectations and is representative of the brand image once distributed. There will be no mismatch between the object and the brand, making it easily identifiable and giving it a certain advantage.

Simple and Effective Entertainment

The use of custom scratch cards as entertainment is very easy to implement, as it only requires a space for distribution. Therefore, custom scratch cards can be used in various contexts, such as at the checkout of a store, in street distributions, as entertainment at events, parties, or trade shows, and as a gift in an order. This lightweight and space-saving object can be used anywhere, creating winners in all circumstances. The custom scratch card is, therefore, a low-cost and highly mobile promotional activity, allowing its use in many situations.

A Different Approach

The use of custom scratch cards is also a different approach to promoting a brand or its offerings. Unlike distributing flyers, which are no longer interesting and sometimes even repel people, the prospect of winning something attracts passersby and makes them more interested in what is offered, even indirectly. This different approach will, therefore, lead to more success and a different way of talking about the brand or product so that even if the person is only interested in the prize, they can remember a name, a logo, or whatever the goal is, and the potential customer knows that the brand exists and is active.

Enhancing Brand Image

Instead of enticing the customer with promotions, the custom scratch card attracts them with the opportunity to win a gift. Whether prestigious or not, it is the gratuity that generally attracts customers and the possibility of positioning themselves as a 'winner.' The brand gives, and the customer receivesโ€”there is no commercial transaction, and it is this perceived generous gesture that allows the brand to enjoy a positive image, positioning it as caring towards its customers. However, for this process to work, this information must be shared by the customers, and that's why social networks will be perfectly interesting in this regard. Creating a hashtag, for example, will be a great way to encourage winners to share their joy online, providing new, free, and positive content for the brand.

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