Custom Scratch Card: Stand Out from the Crowd!

Custom Scratch Card: Stand Out from the Crowd!

October 8, 2019

If you run a company and plan to participate in a sports event in the near future but have no idea of the ideal solution to stand out from your numerous competitors in the market, how about trying the custom scratch card? Simple to design, practical, and space-saving, this tool, which is initially used for entertainment, has proven and continues to prove its effectiveness in customer loyalty. Want to know more? You'll be served in the following lines!

Why a Scratch Card for Your Promotions?

Whether you run a service company, a shop, or a store, the primary goal remains the same in the long run: to optimize your customer base and, consequently, the value of your turnover. Creating a custom scratch card can be very useful for achieving this major goal, which conditions the success of your business. You can use it especially for a promotional event at a sports event where you have been invited to participate, as a sponsor, for example.

The principle of promotional events is relatively simple, yet so effective in increasing turnover. As evidence, it is one of the concepts that has become particularly popular in recent years in companies, thanks to the success of the custom scratch card. The goal is to attract as many people, customers or not, to the venue of the sports event, if only to present them with the company's brand and the various services and/or products it offers.

Achieving this goal involves setting up effective, strategic, and above all, original promotions capable of capturing the attention of a large number of people and arousing their interest. The use of a scratch card will allow you to value your customers and prospects. Wondering how? It's simple: the games offered as part of the promotional event intended for them will make participants feel much more involved in the life and activities of the company, thanks to the custom scratch card.

This accessory is well known for its ability to generate joy and enthusiasm among participants, simply because of the possibility of winning one or more interesting prizes. Each participant comes with the idea of leaving with a small gift of some kind (you can think of vouchers, promo codes, and many other interesting gifts). This naturally creates a spirit of play that can quickly boost attendance. Customers feel a special attention to them, and a positive feeling naturally emerges.

How to Effectively Use the Scratch Card?

Setting up a promotional event based on a custom scratch card for your participation in a sports event makes sense, especially if you want to stand out from the competition. Indeed, choosing the scratch card as the catalyst for your promotion already allows you to make a certain difference with your main competitors in the market. It must be said that despite its effectiveness, few people actually decide to base their promotional event on the scratch card.

Indeed, some see it as an outdated tool; others, despite adopting the custom scratch card, cannot use it properly or have difficulty choosing suitable prizes. However, different scratch card designers offer game mechanics that can strategically adapt to several types of operations!

In the context of launching a new product or presenting a new service offered by your company, for example, it is a good idea to set up a promotional event of the 'contest' type to give a boost to your activity. To play on immediacy and create a nice surprise effect, it is better to reserve the custom scratch card for a single case.

How to Make the Most of the Customization Option?

It is also important to remember that the scratch card offers several customization options, which can only help you stand out from the crowd. Among other things, consider putting your company's logo on each of your cards, allowing participants to quickly identify and remember your brand or company.

Don't forget to mention your company's contact information so that anyone interested in your products and/or services can easily contact you. Furthermore, in accordance with the law, each custom scratch card must include the rules of the game, a photo, and a brief description of the various prizes to be won.

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