Create Your Scratch Cards for a Successful Commercial Animation

Create Your Scratch Cards for a Successful Commercial Animation

June 27, 2018

Discover How to Animate a Stand in a Shopping Mall

Are you looking for an effective and original idea for a commercial animation? Think scratch cards! They develop a strong bond with the audience and naturally fit into any in-store commercial animation idea exploiting seasonality or an event.

A Quick and Easy In-Store Animation to Set Up

A commercial animation, such as an in-store animation, meets clear commercial objectives. The different scratch cards offered on provide game mechanics that strategically adapt to all your operations.

You are launching a product or want to better promote one of your services? The contest is a classic for commercial animation to give a flash to your activity. Reserve the scratch card with only one box (portrait format, ticket...) to create surprise and play on immediacy. This type of mechanic is effective when the prize to be won is significant. The customer feels valued to participate and immediately knows if they are the lucky winner. The goal of this type of in-store animation is to make them stay for a long time by trying their luck.

Do you want to increase traffic to your point of sale or gain a competitive advantage? Imagine an in-store animation that wins the approval of customers by attracting them with targeted discounts or prizes. More complex scratch mechanics are relevant to stimulate the taste for the game and the lure of larger winnings. Think commercial animation with scratch cards with multiple combinations. All Scratcher cards have a winning combination, but it is the scratched boxes that determine the prize. A good idea for in-store commercial animation to bring people back to your store.

Perfectly Suited for Large Surfaces

Major seasonal events such as back-to-school, sales, Valentine's Day, or Mother's Day are favorable periods for creating a commercial animation. If scratch cards are widely used in stores, they also fit very well into the organization of an animation in a shopping mall.

Sitting on Santa's lap will be much more interesting for children if they can scratch a ticket with a gift at stake! Similarly, workshops, exhibitions, or any other concept aimed at animating a shopping gallery are even more enjoyable with the distribution of scratch cards. They increase interactions with the public and create a festive atmosphere, conducive to high attendance at the stores in the gallery.

In large surfaces, scratch cards with multiple choices are often distributed to win discounts. The good idea of this type of commercial animation is that the distribution takes place after passing through the checkout and allows the use of winnings during a future visit. Based on scratching, this shopping mall animation creates a real loyalty mechanism.

For complete communication actions, Scratcher cards provide for the customization of all scratch supports in the colors of your company. Your design and logo will be clearly visible, allowing you to increase your visibility by boosting your traffic.

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