Create Online Raffle Tickets for Your Association

Create Online Raffle Tickets for Your Association

June 17, 2018

Discover our Raffle Tickets for School or Associationโ€จโ€จ

Organizing a successful raffle for an association or school is a practical and festive way to raise funds. For a simplified organization, have you thought about creating your own scratch-off raffle ticket? A process that saves you the steps of selling ticket stubs and the classic draw. However, chance still plays a part!

Our Raffle Tickets for Your School or Association

Opting for a scratch-off mechanism rather than printed tickets gives a different dynamic to the raffle of an association or school. Players immediately know if they are winners and can enjoy their prizes more quickly. The Scratcher scratch-off cards offer different mechanisms depending on the characteristics of the raffle:

  • Single scratch-off area: the cards are sold in packs with a number of winning tickets corresponding to the probability that suits you. This raffle ticket is relevant when there are few prizes to win or simply one big prize.

  • Multiple scratch-off areas: the Evento scratch-off card allows the player to scratch areas hiding poker hands. It's up to them to assemble combinations containing the best hands by scratching a limited number of areas. The organizer will have predefined the prizes corresponding to each hand, according to their value. Each raffle ticket is absolutely unique and has its own serial number. It also contains all the winning poker hands. The success in the game depends solely on scratching the right cards. The Crescendo scratch-off card allows scratching winning stars distributed over several rows. This system allows prizes of different values to be staggered according to an increasing scale.

A scratch-off card is sold for โ‚ฌ2 by the organizer. The profit made by an association raffle will be โ‚ฌ100 per pack of 50 cards.

Customize Your Booklets

Each association or school raffle ticket is customizable using the free online configuration tool on the website.โ€จTo be emblematic of the event, a raffle ticket must bear the logo and colors of the association promoted on the big day. The possibilities offered by the Scratcher tool allow you to easily customize, in a few clicks:

  • your logo and the background design of the ticket
  • the photo of the prize and its description
  • the additional game instructions in case of success and any contact information
  • the level of difficulty of the raffle with the probability game
  • the game instructions (number of areas to scratch and number of winning areas to obtain)
  • the draw on the back (with the possibility for players to leave their contact details to update your customer files).

Once all these elements are customized, the raffle tickets for your association or school will become real communication supports. Modern, fun, and design, their role is to create excitement for the event. A raffle ticket can quickly boost its sales when it appeals to the younger audience. To increase your chances of success, Scratcher's graphic designers add a professional touch to your design. The complete creation of a completely original ticket with a unique format and a more personalized mechanism is possible with a special order.

Today, the scratch-off ticket is no longer reserved for the lottery but is addressed to all organizations. It modernizes the traditional raffle principle to make it a more viral and trendy game. With its instant aspect, it stimulates the taste for the game and quickly becomes addictive. A playful potential not to be overlooked to increase profits for a fair or an end-of-year party.

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