Create a customizable scratch card in a few clicks

Create a customizable scratch card in a few clicks

May 31, 2021

How to create a customizable scratch card?

The customizable scratch card is increasingly used as a communication tool, in street marketing operations, or for organizing contests in a store, for example. Here are some tips for creating an impactful and successful customizable scratch card.

First step: the design

A customizable scratch card is not only made up of a scratchable area; there are graphic elements around this area that must be carefully chosen to achieve an attractive and impactful result.

The first criterion to consider when creating your visual is identification. Indeed, the cardholders must be able to know directly which store has given them this card, to claim their prize and, more simply, to advertise your business. For this, you can include your logo directly on the scratch card and use elements that match your graphic charter: font, colors, slogans, etc.

Also, consider standing out by playing the card of originality! Nowadays, scratch cards are often used, so you can differentiate yourself from the competition by using more atypical ticket formats, opting notably for a landscape format or cutting them into a square shape. Likewise, a medium or large format ticket will attract more attention.

What to put under the scratch area?

More logistical than aesthetic, the question of the text to be displayed under the scratch area is still essential. Generally, there are two cases in contests organized with a customizable scratch card: the game allowing to win more or less important prizes, and the one offering discounts.

In both cases, these are interesting marketing operations because customers always appreciate the idea of being able to win gifts or advantages to use in your store. Games are indeed among the most appreciated communication operations by consumers, delighted to participate and interested in the prospect of winning.

The choice of prizes is up to you and depends on the strategy you want to implement, but we advise against printing lost tickets that could discourage the customer. On the contrary, choose to offer losers a small discount (-2€ or -10% on a future purchase), which will encourage them to return to your store and try their luck again in the hope of a more substantial gain.

Concretely, how to get a customizable scratch card?

On our site, creating a customizable scratch card is extremely simple. The first step is choosing the format: large, small, square, rectangular, portrait or landscape, etc. This format will serve as a base to accommodate your personalized design. If you wish, you can also opt for a ready-made template that you can then customize using various background choices to apply on the front and possibly on the back of your card.

After selecting the format of your choice, you can customize your scratch card by uploading your design using our easy-to-use and very intuitive customization tool. If you don't have a personalized design created by yourself, you can opt for unique customization using the different backgrounds and filling colors we offer.

Finally, you can finalize your customizable scratch card by completing the text areas included on the card itself and under the scratching area. With our tool dedicated to creating scratch cards, you can choose the quantity of winning and losing cards, customizing the texts corresponding to each of these two results.

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