How to Energize a Sales Challenge?

How to Energize a Sales Challenge?

December 20, 2021

Being in sales is very demanding because it requires constant innovation and reinvention. However, it is also a profession that requires a lot of patience and can be discouraging, especially when it involves a significant prospecting phase. To keep your employees motivated and eager to excel every day despite this somewhat perplexing aspect of the job, it's essential to regularly implement initiatives. Here are some tips for conducting an effective sales challenge that will give a boost to your teams!

Factors to Consider When Developing the Challenge

Before discussing the best way to energize a sales challenge, it's important to consider the strategy to adopt. To be effective, it must be perfectly aligned with the target audience you want to reach and the goals you have set. The first step is to meet with your management teams to review current figures, assess what is achievable, and set clear and precise goals to convey to your teams at the launch of the challenge. Our advice: don't hesitate to survey employees and try to understand their feelings about the objectives because if they feel these are unattainable, your challenge may discourage them.

Choose Reasonable but Motivating Rewards

One thing is certain: every business leader wants to motivate their teams and is open to conducting a sales challenge to do so. However, it often becomes challenging when it comes to deciding how to reward employees who have participated and won the challenge. It's essential to find the right balance so that motivation is present without representing a significant cost for the company. The ideal solution is to create a list of prizes that your employees can win and display them on customizable scratch-off tickets. With every sale, every signed client, or every milestone reached, each employee wins a scratch-off ticket. An original way to conduct a sales challenge.

The Right Time to Conduct a Sales Challenge

Conducting a sales challenge is an excellent way to boost your teams and motivate your employees to exceed expectations. However, it's crucial that it is organized during a key period. Indeed, it's challenging to achieve record pool sales in December, for example. Similarly, it's preferable to set up a challenge over a relatively short period (a few weeks or a month, for example) because your employees' motivation may wane if it's too long. If your goal is to implement year-long rewards, we recommend dividing your project into different stages, perhaps by working on a monthly basis, to regularly inject momentum into the challenge.

You now have all the tools to conduct a quality sales challenge that will increase your revenue and make your team's work more motivating. A final pro tip: don't forget to take the time to analyze the results achieved through your challenge as it will provide essential data for the development of future sales promotions and show which goals were easier to achieve than others.

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