Commercial Animation with Scratch Card: How to Do It?

Commercial Animation with Scratch Card: How to Do It?

March 16, 2021

Using the Scratch Card for In-Store Animation

In today's world, few sectors are not competitive, so it is more than essential to succeed in standing out from competitors to ensure the sustainability of your business. While this is true for all fields, it is even more critical when running a store because competition also comes from online businesses. So how to organize an effective commercial animation with customizable scratch cards?

The objective of commercial animation

Often overlooked by small businesses and independent shops, commercial animations are, however, an excellent way to bring a store to life. Indeed, a commercial animation such as a demonstration or a game using a customizable scratch card, for example, has several benefits:

  • Attract the attention of passersby: we know that the crowd attracts the crowd. The more visible and attractive your animation is, the more it will encourage passersby to come and discover your store and what you sell.
  • Increase the average basket: games are very effective in making your customers buy more products than planned. Offering a personalized scratch card from a certain purchase amount is an excellent way to encourage your customers to choose one or two more items to try to win a prize.
  • Encourage impulse purchases: some customers come to your store for a specific reason, while others stroll aimlessly through the streets. By organizing an attractive commercial animation for a limited time, you will encourage some customers to make a purchase.

How to use the personalized scratch card effectively?

Participatory commercial animations are the most effective: customers like to play two contests, participate in tastings, or attend demonstrations. The customizable scratch card is an excellent communication medium because it will both attract customers and increase the average basket and loyalty of your clientele.

The fact that the scratch card is customizable allows you to choose what you want to offer to participants, so you can opt for more or less significant discount vouchers or vouchers with a minimum amount.

The possibility of winning a prize being attractive to consumers, you can perfectly distribute the tickets according to the amount of each basket: a scratch card for every 10€ of purchase, for example. It is a very good way to push consumers to go to the cashier.

Take advantage of it to reward loyal customers

Acquiring new customers is, of course, essential when you have a business, but retaining regular customers is just as important. Commercial animations are often focused on acquiring new customers, to the detriment of regulars who do not see their loyalty rewarded. It's a shame because it is possible to combine the two very easily.

Thanks to the customizable scratch card, you can attract new customers and reward the old ones by offering an additional ticket per checkout, for example.

Today, almost all brands offer loyalty programs, however, not all are interesting, far from it. Offering regular customers of your store rewards, even small ones, will allow you to stand out from the competition and encourage them to continue coming to you rather than elsewhere. No need to overdo it: -10% for a birthday or after a year of loyalty to the brand, for example, may be enough to make the consumer want to take a look at your store. Then, it's up to you to play!

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