Scratch Card and Contest: An Excellent Way to Acquire New Customers

Scratch Card and Contest: An Excellent Way to Acquire New Customers

February 15, 2021

Boosting Your Business Strategy with Scratch Cards

The more time goes by, the more it becomes necessary to be inventive to stand out from the competition and make a place in the market, regardless of your business sector. An effective marketing campaign that has a strong impact on sales is hard to do without, so it's essential to engage in it. Contests, scratch cards, events, or even original campaigns on social media: what are the best strategies to engage customers and encourage their participation?

Emphasizing Participatory Actions

In general, organizing a commercial event that allows potential customers to actively participate rather than merely observe is always more effective. For instance, a tasting or a product demonstration will immediately attract the attention of passersby who will want to know more about it. Drawing a crowd will attract even more people to your store, and so on. However, these actions are not always straightforward to set up, especially if the business sector doesnโ€™t readily support them. In such cases, another type of commercial event that always garners success is games. Contests, lucky draws, scratch card tickets: the chance to win a prize is always the best way to entice potential customers to participate. Ideally, promote the game by highlighting a significant prize, such as a gift voucher or a weekend getaway, to make the game attractive and thereby maximize the number of participants.

Why Choose Scratch Cards?

As we mentioned earlier, the idea of winning a prize inevitably attracts the public. With a scratch card, you have numerous possibilities for organizing your commercial event. For instance, you can offer discounts valid at your store, significantly increasing the number of your customers. While some of them might not become regular customers, this will enable your brand to gain maximum exposure. Word-of-mouth is also an interesting way to reach a new customer base. Thus, it might be beneficial to offer a large number of small prizes via scratch card tickets so that winners encourage their circle to participate as well. This operation can also be an ideal opportunity to reward loyal customers by giving them an extra scratch card with every purchase at the checkout counter, for example.

Endless Possibilities with Customizable Scratch Cards

Thanks to the tools available on our site, you can personalize the model of scratch card ticket you want to distribute to your customers or passersby during a commercial event. You can choose the ticket's shape, size, and style. The size of the scratch area also varies depending on the models, allowing you to write whatever you want, be it a prize or an encouragement message for losing tickets. As for the hidden variations behind the scratch area, we have chosen not to set any limits, so you can make each scratch card ticket different if you wish. To make things easier, we provide numerous templates ready to be personalized and printed. You can also contact us by phone for direct customization assistance. With just a few clicks, place your order and plan your next successful commercial operation.

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