Attract Your Future Members with Personalized Scratch Cards

Attract Your Future Members with Personalized Scratch Cards

August 25, 2021

Use a Personalized Scratch Card for Your Sports Club Open House

Open houses are an excellent way for a business to gain exposure, especially for a sports club. Often organized at the beginning of the school year or towards the end of summer vacation, they allow the club to showcase its sports classes or equipment to recruit new members. To maximize your chances and attract a larger audience, why not use an original medium like the personalized scratch card?

Bring in as Many People as Possible

There's a good chance that your open house day will attract a considerable number of participants, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will all sign up for your sports club when they leave. Don't worry; this is entirely normal, as the conversion rate from visitors to members will never be 100%, even if your offer is attractive and your facility is competitive. However, the more participants you attract during this open house day, the more members you will have at the end of the day. Therefore, you need to be creative to encourage passersby to enter your club, and this is where the personalized scratch card comes in.

What attracts passersby the most are interactive activities and contests. For the open house day of a sports club, it is ideal to offer free initiations to the disciplines you offer, such as yoga, gymnastics, or weightlifting, for example. These demonstrations, also possible outdoors, will catch the public's eye and allow athletes to meet their potential future coaches. In parallel, you can organize a contest using the personalized scratch card, which will also encourage passersby to come and try their luck.

How to Organize a Successful Contest?

Some businesses use mediums like personalized scratch cards to increase their customers' average spending, but here the goal is not to urge customers to spend money but rather to promote your sports club. In this case, it's ideal to use the personalized scratch card to offer prizes that will advertise your club:

  • Free sessions
  • 10% discount on an annual subscription
  • Special offer for a duo subscription
  • Club-branded goodies (bags, water bottles, towels, etc.)

Our advice: avoid losing tickets that can have a negative impact on customers. Instead, opt for small discounts that won't cost you much but will still delight the winners, such as a 5% or 10% discount on a sports session, for example.

Personalize Your Scratch Card in a Few Clicks

The advantage of personalized scratch cards is that they are a very accessible communication medium because they are easy to create and cost-effective. On our site, you will find a large number of free templates that you can customize or not to create your cards in just a few clicks. Similarly, we offer you the possibility to add as many outcomes as you want behind the scratch area, allowing you to diversify the number of prizes you want to offer.

For your personalized scratch card to be effective and allow winners to use them, and therefore return to your club, we recommend making sure it aligns with your visual identity. To do this, you can use your logo, the name of your sports club, or colors that recall those used for the decoration of your facility or for your communication materials in general (flyers, website, etc.).

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